EU Series

EU Series

EtherCAT Slave System

Key Features
  • Compliance with EtherCAT standard
  • Optimization with Tech Square EtherCAT master (250us cycle time)
  • Comprehensive slave modules including digital I/O, analog I/O, coupler, power supply, and terminal shield
  • Compliance with industrial IEC standard
  • Excellent scalability powered by modularized and slice-type design


The Tech Square complete EtherCAT solution, from hardware to middleware to software, with every element tailored for dedicated EtherCAT functionality, includes Talos master controllers, EU & EPS slave systems, and remote monitoring and control providers. As well, Tech Square’s Softmotion one-stop control kernel delivers flexible and easy-to-use intelligent platforms for driving next-generation modern Smart Factories.

Tech Square’s EU slave system brings powerful flexibility to EtherCAT environments. State-of-the-art modular construction allows the EtherCAT slave to be configured to fulfill the needs of both small local applications and expansive distributed platforms.

The EU system incorporates and controls nearly any type of I/O device. Uniquely designed for full operability in conditions from 0°C to 55°C, the EU slave system is also fully compliant with the EN 61131-2 standard for shock and vibration and EN 61000-6 for heavy industrial EMC protection, as well as emission certificate.

Ordering Information

  • EU-6000 -:
    EtherCAT Bus Coupler
  • EU-1016 -:
    16-CH Sourcing Digital Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-1008 -:
    8-CH Sourcing Digital Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-1108 -:
    8-CH Sinking Digital Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-2008 -:
    8-CH Sourcing Digital Output EtherCAT Modul
  • EU-2108 -:
    8-CH Sinking Digital Output EtherCAT Module
  • EU-0200 -:
    1A Power Supply Module
  • EU-0012 -:
    End Terminal Module
  • EU-1116 -:
    16-CH Sinking Digital Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-2016 -:
    16-CH Sourcing Digital Output EtherCAT Module
  • EU-2116 -:
    16-CH Sinking Digital Output EtherCAT Module
  • EU-3104 -:
    4-CH 0~10V Analog Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-3304 -:
    4-CH 4~20mA Analog Input EtherCAT Module
  • EU-4104 -:
    4-CH 0~10V Analog Output EtherCAT Module
  • EU-4304 -:
    4-CH 4~20mA Analog Output EtherCAT Module
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