DAQe-2500 Series

DAQe-2500 Series

4/8-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s Analog Output Multi-Function DAQ PCI Express Cards

Key Features
  • x1 lane PCI Express® Interface
  • Hardware-based arbitrary waveform generation
  • Onboard 8 k-sample D/A FIFO (DAQe-2501); Onboard 16 k-sample D/A FIFO (DAQe-2502)
  • Programmable bipolar or unipolar analog output ranges on a per-channel basis
  • Programmable internal or external reference sources on a per-channel basis
  • 8-CH 400 kS/s 14-bit single-ended analog inputs (DAQe-2501); 4-CH 400 kS/s 14-bit single-ended analog inputs (DAQe-2502)
  • 24-CH TTL digital input/output
  • 2-CH 16-bit general-purpose timer/counter


Tech Square DAQe-2500 series are high-speed and high-performance analog output multi-function DAQ PCI Express cards. The devices are able to update up to 8-CH, 12-bit analog outputs simultaneously at sustaining 1 MS/s. The reference sources and the output polarities are programmable on a per-channel basis, combining with the multiplying DAC architecture, Tech Square DAQe-2500 series DAQ cards can generate complex modulated analog signals. The hardware-based arbitrary waveform generation frees the CPU intervention even when all analog outputs are updating at full speed, and the lengths of waveforms are only limited by the system memory.

Ordering Information

  • DAQe-2501
    4-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s Analog Output Multi-Function PCI Express® DAQ Card
  • DAQe-2502
    8-CH 12-Bit 1 MS/s Analog Output Multi-Function PCI Express® DAQ Card
  • DIN-68S-01
    Terminal board with one 68-pin SCSI-II connector and DIN-Rail Mounting (Cables are not included)
  • ACL-10568-1
    68-pin SCSI-VHDCI cable (mating with AMP-787082-7), 1M
  • ACL-SSI-4
    SSI Bus cable for four devices
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