DAQ-2200 Series

DAQ-2200 Series

64-CH, 12/16-Bit, Up to 3 MS/s Multi-Function DAQ Cards

Key Features
  • On-board 1 K-sample A/D FIFO
  • 16-bit A/D resolution (DAQ-2205 & DAQ-2206)
  • 12-bit A/D resolution (DAQ-2204)
  • Up to 3 MS/s sampling rate (DAQ-2204)
  • Supports a 32-bit 3.3 V or 5 V PCI bus
  • 64-CH single-ended or 32-CH differential analog inputs
  • Programmable gains: x1, x2, x4, x5, x8, x10, x20, x40, x50, x200 (DAQ-2204), and x1, x2, x4, x8 (DAQ-2205 & DAQ-2206)
  • Bipolar or unipolar analog input ranges


Tech Square DAQ-2204, DAQ-2205, and DAQ-2206 are high-density and high-performance multifunction DAQ cards. The devices can sample up to 64 AI channels with different gain settings and scan sequences. It makes them ideal for dealing with high-density analog signals with various input ranges and sampling speeds. These devices also offer differential mode for 32 AI channels in order to achieve maximum noise elimination The DAQ-2200 series also features analog and digital triggering, 2-CH 12-bit analog outputs with waveform generation capability, 24-CH programmable digital I/O lines, and 2-CH 16-bit general-purpose timer/counters.

Ordering Information

  • DAQ-2204
    64-CH 12-Bit 3 MS/s Multi-Function DAQ Card
  • DAQ-2205
    64-CH 16-Bit 500 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Card
  • DAQ-2206
    64-CH 16-Bit 250 kS/s Multi-Function DAQ Card
  • DIN-68S-01
    Termination board with one 68-pin SCSI-II connector with DIN socket
  • ACL-10568-1
    68-pin SCSI-VHDCI cable (mating with AMP-787082-7), 1M
  • ACL-SSI-4
    SSI Bus cable for four devices
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