ETX® Reference Carrier Board in ATX Form Factor

Key Features
  • Four PCI slots, three ISA slots, one Mini PCI slot
  • POST code diagnostics
  • Secondary Multi I / O
  • Disk-On-Chip and CF Card support
  • Audio amplifier


The ETX-Proto is an ETX Reference Carrier Board in standard ATX form factor. Together with the ETX module of your choice and off-the-shelf add-on cards, you can quickly emulate the functionality of your desired end product for software development and hardware verification. The ETX concept has a great many advantages over full custom designs. It reduces engineering complexity, lowers the threshold for total project quantity, and last but not least brings your product to the market in no time.

To build a functional prototype of your target system you will need an ETX module; an ETX-Proto Reference Carrier Board; ISA, PCI, or Mini PCI add-on cards; storage, or flash disk solution. The ETX Proto supports up to 4 PCI add-on cards and 3 ISA cards. In addition to the functions on the ETX module, it adds the following functionality: Secondary I/O for COM3/4 and LPT2; secondary hardware monitor; PCI-based debug display for POST code readout; I2C based GPIO; Audio Amplifier.

Ordering Information

  • ETX-Proto -:
    ETX® Reference Carrier Board in ATX form factor (includes CF socket assembly, UDMA HDD cable, SATA cable, FDD cable, TV-out cable)
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