PCI-6208/6216 Series

PCI-6208/6216 Series

8/16-CH 16-Bit Analog Output Cards

Key Features
  • 4-CH TTL digital inputs and 4-CH TTL digital outputs
  • Bipolar analog output range
  • 8-CH current outputs (PCI-6208A)
  • 16-CH voltage outputs (PCI-6216V-GL)
  • 8-CH voltage outputs (PCI-6208V-GL and PCI-6208A)
  • Effective 15-bit resolution current transducers (PCI-6208A)
  • 16-bit D/A resolution (PCI-6208V-GL and PCI-6216V-GL)



Tech Square PCI-6208/6216 series is 8 or 16-CH, 16-bit, analog output cards. The PCI-6208V-GL offers 8 voltage outputs with a ±10 V range, featuring 15-bit monotonicity and a 10 V/μs slew rate. The onboard analog switches minimize the power-on glitches. PCI-6216V expands the voltage output channels to a total of 16 for higher analog output density requirements. In addition to the voltage output functions, the PCI-6208A features 8 current outputs with ranges of 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, and 5-25 mA. The daughter board EXP-8A provides high-quality voltage to current transducers. The PCI-6208A device is capable of delivering 14-bit monotonicity with a 1.3 mA/μs slew rate. Tech Square PCI-6208 series devices provide high-resolution, high-density analog output functionalities and are suitable for ATE, signal generation, industrial process control, servo control, and other industrial control applications.

Ordering Information

  • PCI-6208V-GL
    8-CH 16-Bit Voltage Output Card
  • PCI-6216V-GL
    16-CH 16-Bit Voltage Output Card
  • PCI-6208A
    8-CH 16-Bit Voltage and Current Output Card
  • DIN-37D-01
    Terminal Board with One 37-pin D-sub Connector and DIN-Rail Mounting (Cables are not included.)
  • ACL-10137-1MF
    37-pin D-sub male/female cable, 1M
  • ACLD-9137-01
    General-Purpose Terminal Board with One 37-pin D-sub Male Connector
  • ACLD-9137F-01
    General-Purpose Terminal Board with One 37-pin D-sub female Connector.
  • ACL-10137-1MM
    37-Pin D-Sub male/male cable, length in 1M
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