4-CH PCI ExpressR Real-time Video Capture Card for Standard Cameras

Key Features
  • Four color video digitizers operating in parallel
  • PCI Express® x1 lane, up to 120 fps
  • Color (PAL⁄NTSC), monochrome (CCIR⁄EIA) camera supported
  • Up to 16 channels extension
  • On-board TTL I⁄O lines
  • Built-in watchdog timer
  • User-friendly ViewCreator utility
  • Software trigger supported


The PCIe-RTV24 acquisition board is designed without compromise for machine vision and video surveillance applications. It is the ideal device for PC-based multiple-channel vision applications.

The PCIe-RTV24 PCI ExpressR x1 lane frame grabber can capture simultaneously four analog video streams in real-time. It accepts standard composite colors (PAL, NTSC) or monochrome video formats (CCIR, EIA).

The supported resolution is programmable and includes square-pixel (640 x 480 or 768 x 576) and broadcast resolution. Before captured images are transferred to the PC’s memory, images can be scaled down using available selectable ratios.

Arbitrary cropping to regions of interest is possible. The PCIe-RTV24 generates bitmaps in all popular color formats such as RGB, YUV, planar, or packed.

System integrators also benefit from a watchdog for fault-tolerant applications and easy-to-use standard connectors.


The PCIe-RTV24 provides four digitizer vision streams for real-time image acquisition, with acquisition speeds up to 30 fps per channel. The output format of the RTV series are RBG24/RGB16, and Y8, these are popular color formats in machine vision, and surveillance, besides the image function, the PCIe-RTV24 also provides 4-channel digital inputs/outputs, and watchdog function, these I/O can be used for strobe light control, trigger acquisition or report alarm signals.

The operating system support is available for Microsoft WindowsR XP, WindowsR Vista (64/32-bit), and Linux, the software support of the RTV series are Microsoft DirectX, Video for Linux, and VIs for NIR Labview.


* PC-based surveillance systems

* Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

* Factory monitoring systems

* Machine vision inspection systems

* Scientific research instrumentations

* Medical research instrumentations

Software Support

Windows® Platform
-Available for Windows® Vista (64/32-bit)/XP/XP
-Available for Microsoft® DirectX®
-Recommended programming environments: C#/.NET/VC++/VB/C++ Builder/Delphi
-Sample programs included

Angelo-LVIEW: LabVIEW® Driver Support for Tech Square Frame Grabbers
Tech Square’s Angelo-LVIEW interface software packages contain libraries with many virtual instruments (VIs) acting as the interface between Tech Square DLLs and LabVIEW. Developers familiar with LabVIEW can easily take advantage of LabVIEW’s intuitive graphical programming capability as well as the performance of Tech Square’s frame grabbers.
* National Instruments and LabVIEW are trademarks of National Instrument, Inc.

Linux Platform
Fedora core 3, Kernel 2.6.22

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