19-Slot 3U PXI Chassis with AC

Key Features
  • PXI Hardware Specification Rev. 2.2 compliant
  • Rack-mountable 19-slot PXI chassis with one system slot and eighteen PXI/CompactPCI peripheral slots
  • The advanced forced-cooling mechanism for efficient and uniform heat dissipation
  • External 10 MHz reference clock input via BNC connector
  • 0°C to 55°C extended operating temperature range
  • Intelligent chassis monitoring/control: Automatic fan speed control, chassis status monitoring /exporting, and remote chassis power on/off control
  • 600 W industrial-grade AC power supply
  • Power, temperature, and fan monitoring LEDs


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The  Tech Square PXIS-2719A is a 3U PXI chassis with a series of advanced features:

  • An innovative cooling mechanism to deliver efficient and uniform heat dissipation
  • Superior stability within an extended temperature range
  • Intelligent chassis management that dynamically monitors and manages fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature
  • Remote management via standard RS-232 monitoring port

The PXIS-2719A is compliant with PXI and CompactPCI specifications and provides one system slot and eighteen peripheral slots. It is designed to meet or exceed application requirements by providing a large slot capacity, extended operating temperature range, and excellent heat dissipation in a lightweight and robust design.

The PXIS-2719A includes an Industrial-grade 600 W AC power supply to provide ample reliable power to the entire system. The PXIS-2719A is designed with an external 10 MHz reference clock input, front panel LED indicators and easy-access PXI/CompactPCI slots with card guides for convenient installation and use. With innovative features and robust design, the PXIS-2719 is your best choice of PXI platform for all your test and measurement requirements.


Innovative Cooling Mechanism
The Tech Square PXIS-2719A features an innovative design for heat dissipation. The cooling fans are placed in the rear section of the chassis where cool air is pulled in through apertures on the bottom and exhausted through the back. This new design gives uniform airflow for each PXI slot and exceptional cooling capability. When this chassis is installed in a rack, the new cooling design minimizes the drawing in of hot air from the rear area, where all other devices exhaust while maintaining a steady temperature inside the chassis.
Intelligent Chassis Management
The PXIS-2719A has a built-in control board that monitors and manages chassis status, including internal temperature, fan speed, and voltages. Using the RS-232 monitoring port, the chassis status information can be exported to another computer for remote management. The control board can also accept commands from the remote system to allow remote power on/off and fan speed control of the PXIS-2719A chassis.
Flexible Rack-mount Design
Tech Square also provides an optional rack-mount kit to allow flexible installation of the PXIS-2719A in a rack. By adjusting the position of the rack-mount bracket, the PXIS-2719A can be recessed in a cabinet rack up to 10 centimeters to accommodate external mechanical parts on the front side, such as complicated connectors/wires and mass interconnect modules.

Ordering Information

  • PXIS-2719A
    3U 19-Slot Smart PXI Chassis with 600 W AC Power Supply
  • PXIS-2719A Rack-mount Kit
    Flexible Rack-mount Kit for PXIS-2719A
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