4-Axis Pulse Motion Controller

Advanced motion control for servo/stepper motor

Key Features
  • PCI Express® Gen1 x1
  • Pulse Output Rate Up to 9.99 MHz with 64-CH GPIO Supported
  • Flexible Position Comparison Trigger Function with 16-CH Output
  • Dedicated CMP Output with Voltage Selection
  • High-Speed Position Latch Buffer with 12-CH Configurable Filter Input
  • APS Motion and Application Function Support


General Features

● PCI Express® Gen1 x1

● Pulse Output Frequency up to 9.99 Mbps

● Encoder Feedback Input Frequency up to 16 MHz

● Mechanical Signal Input / Servo Interface IO

● 32-ch Onboard Isolated GPIO / 32-ch Extended TTL GPIO

● 12-ch Position Latch Input

● 16-ch Position Comparison Trigger Output

● 4-ch Dedicated CMP Output with Voltage Selection

● Selection of EL Logic NO/NC Mode by Switch

● Selection of DO Initial State by Switch

● Programmable Interrupt Control

● Security Protection for User’s Program

● DIN-304C to Support Specific Motors by Cable Selection

Motion Features

● T-Curve and S-Curve: Asymmetric Profile is Configurable

● 13 Home Return Modes

● Speed and Position Change On-The-Fly

● Linear / Circular / Helical Interpolation

● Selection of Motion Stop Method: EMG / Deceleration Stop

● Backlash Compensator / Vibration Suppression

● High-Speed Position Latch Function with Configurable Filter

● Flexible Position Comparison Trigger Output Function


AMP-304C is an advanced 4-axis motion controller card with a PCI Express® interface that can generate a pulse train up to 9.99MHz to control a motor. With more general-purpose as well as dedicated IOs, functional logic selection switches, and 4-channel encoder feedback input, AMP-304C can be used for a multitude of scenarios or applications.

As a motion controller, AMP-304C covers all functions of the AMP- 104C, which provides asymmetric speed profile settings in T-curve and S-curve, selection of motion stop method, and changing speed on the fly. Also supported are interpolation in linear, circular, and helical directions with any 2-4 axes, 13 home return modes, backlash compensator, and vibration suppression.

Highly flexible position comparison trigger and position latch functions are provided. The trigger function can be implemented by 16-channel output, including 4-channel dedicated output with voltage selection by onboard jumpers, while the position latch function uses a 12-channel input.

Software Support

● OS Information
Windows 7/10 (x86/x64)
● Software Compatibility
• APS Function Library Support
• Visual Studio VB.NET, C#, VC.NET Compatible
● Software Recommendations
MotionCreatorPro2™ (MCP2)

Ordering Information

  • DIN-304C -:
    Exclusive Terminal Board for AMP-304C
  • DIN-68S-01 -:
    Terminal board with 68-pin SCSI-II connector
  • DIN-37D-01 -:
    Terminal board with 37-pin D-SUB connector
    Accessory –
  • ACL-10569-X -: 68-pin SCSI-II Cable, X = 1, 2, 3 (M)
  • ACL-10137-X -: 37-pin D-SUB Cable, X = 1, 2, 3, 5 (M)
  • ACL-10437 -: 40-pin Box Header to 37-pin DSUB with Bracket
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