8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated DI PCI Cards

Key Features
  • PCI-7250 extendable up to 32-CH relay outputs & 32-CH DI with three PCI-7251
  • Supports a 32-bit 5 V PCI bus
  • 8-CH relay outputs on PCI-7250
  • 8-CH isolated DI
  • On-board LED indicators for relay status
  • On-board relay driving circuits
  • Relay output stats read back
  • On-board low-pass filtering for DI


Tech Square’s PCI-7250/7251 provides 4-CH SPDT (Form C) & 4-CH SPST (Form A) relay outputs and 8-CH isolated digital inputs. The status of each relay output is represented by an onboard LED. When the relay is in a SET condition, its corresponding LED will turn ON, and on the contrary, it is OFF. All digital input channels are nonpolarity, optically isolated, and may be set to use an RC filter or not. The devices are suitable for collecting digital inputs in noisy environments. The PCI-7251 is an 8-CH relay output and 8-CH isolated DI extension card of the PCI-7250. All the I/O functions of PCI-7251 are the same as those of the PCI-7250. The PCI-7251 has to be connected with PCI-7250 and the bus interface is controlled by the PCI-7250. Up to three PCI-7251 cards can be connected to one PCI-7250, therefore, expanding the PCI-7250’s DIO from 8 DIO to a maximum of 32 DIO.

Ordering Information

  • PCI-7250
    8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated DI Card
  • PCI-7251
    8-CH Relay Outputs & 8-CH Isolated Di Extension Card for PCI-7250
  • DIN-37D-01
    Terminal Board with One 37-pin D-sub Connector and DIN-Rail Mounting (Cables are not included)
  • ACLD-9137-01
    General-Purpose Terminal Board with One 37-pin D-sub Male Connector
  • ACL-10137-1MM
    37-pin D-sub male/male, 1M
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