16-axis PCIe EtherCAT Master Motion Controller

Key Features
  • PCI Express® x 1 compliant
  • Up to 16-axis motion control & 10,000 I/O point control
  • EtherCAT cycle times up to 250μs
  • A broad range of compatible EtherCAT slaves
  • Dedicated emergency stop input
  • 4CH isolated digital input/4CH isolated digital output
  • 1CH pulsar input
  • Point-table functions for contouring application


Tech Square PCIe-8332 is a hardware-based EtherCAT motion controller able to support up to 16 synchronized axes and over 10,000 points simultaneously. The PCIe-8332 features dedicated isolated emergency stop input (EMG) and configurable isolated high-speed digital input as generic sensor input and pulsar input, with up to 1MHz input frequency. Optimum jitter control is provided in minimal cycles of 250µs to optimize synchronous I/O performance for vertical automation applications in semiconductors, electronic manufacturing, and others. The PCIe-8332 provides an out-of-shell application-ready (APS) function library to generate multi-dimensional, highly synchronized, time-deterministic event-triggered motion & I/O control. A wide range of compatible 3rd party slaves is efficiently designed with the Tech Square APS function library. Tech Square MotionCreatorPro 2 utility is fully compliant with the Microsoft Windows environment, which allows complete EtherCAT motion and I/O configuration and function evaluation as well as compiling program download functions.

Ordering Information

  • PCIe-8332 -:
    16-axis PCIe EtherCAT Master Motion Controller                
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