Euresys Domino Series

Euresys Domino Series

Analog image acquisition boards with perfect digital quality (China, Singapore & Taiwan Only)

Key Features
  • Support of analog cameras
  • A/D converters
  • On-board memory
  • Trigger, strobe, enhanced I/O lines
  • Internal connectors: video, system, and power
  • MultiCam drivers for Microsoft Windows® and Linux


*This product is only available in China, Singapore & Taiwan.

The Domino series is the frame grabbers for analog cameras. They support any system function associated with the industrial acquisition, such as camera asynchronous reset, exposure, and strobe control. The latest Domino board, Symphony – is based on an innovative proprietary technology called D³ Technology™*. It provides a perfect digital image with the benefits of a proven analog environment: low-cost, reliable cabling and connections, smallest cameras, and low power, … The D³ Technology* offers unequaled signal stability and image quality to the analog acquisition. These boards are further enhanced by extensive onboard I/O capabilities.


All Euresys frame grabbers are PCI bus mastering agents that directly store the acquired images into the PC’s physical memory without CPU involvement. As a unique feature, a Euresys board automatically recovers the scatter-gather virtual memory mapping to present the data as a regular bitmap image in a user allocated memory buffer.

Trigger, strobe, enhanced I/O lines

In order to facilitate the integration of the board into the application system, the new Domino boards offer digital I/O lines configurable for trigger input, strobe output, or general-purpose control.


Domino series

Ordering Information

  • Domino Symphony PCIe -:
    Frame grabber for four single-tap non-standard analog cameras
  • Domino Melody -:
    Low-profile frame grabber for one single-tap non-standard analog camera
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