Euresys Grablink Series

Euresys Grablink Series

Camera Link frame grabbers (China, Singapore & Taiwan Only)

Key Features
  • PCI/PCIe frame grabbers for Camera Link 80-bit, Full, Medium, Base, and Lite configuration cameras
  • Directly compatible with hundreds of Camera Link cameras available on the market
  • ECCO+ / ECCO: Extended Camera Link Cable Operation
  • Feature-rich set of digital IO lines
  • Memento Event Logging Tool


The Euresys Grablink series is a range of high-speed PCI, PCI Express®, and Compact PCI frame grabbers for line-scan or area-scan digital Camera Link® cameras. State-of-the-art cameras are easily connected with off-the-shelf Camera Link® compliant cables. The Euresys Grablink series is ideal for industrial applications such as inspection of high-speed moving objects, web inspection, or high-resolution acquisition.

Flexible and reliable LINE-SCAN acquisition

The Grablink series interfaces to line-scan cameras with line rate and exposure control and free-running cameras are supported as well. The “web mode” allows inspecting a continuously moving surface without losing a single line. In “page mode”, a Grablink acquires a set of consecutive lines constituting a 2D image. The frame grabber imposes a camera scanning rate derived from a motion encoder. This guarantees a fixed pixel aspect ratio. Perfect square pixels are achievable.

Serial control of the camera

The Grablink series supports the Camera Link pseudo-RS-232 serial line. The application software can use the Camera Link API functions to control the camera. Alternatively, the serial line can be configured as an additional PC COM port ensuring interoperability with existing camera control software.

DMA(Direct Memory Access)

All Euresys frame grabbers are PCI bus mastering agents that directly store the acquired images into the PC’s physical memory without CPU involvement. As a unique feature, a Euresys board automatically recovers the scatter-gather virtual memory mapping to present the data as a regular bitmap image in a user allocated memory buffer.


Grablink series

Ordering Information

  • Grablink Full XR -:
    Frame grabber for one full-configuration Camera Link camera with support for extra long cables
  • Grablink Full
    Frame grabber for one full-configuration Camera Link camera
  • Grablink DualBase
    Frame grabber for two base-configuration Camera Link cameras
  • Grablink Base
    Frame grabber for one base-configuration Camera Link camera
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