Advanced 4-CH Encoder Card with High-speed Triggering Function

Key Features
  • 32-bit PCI bus, Rev. 2.2, 33 MHz
  • Card index switch selection
  • Encoder input interface: OUT/DIR, CW/CCW, and 1x, 2x, 4x A/B phase
  • Trigger output up to 5 MHz; encoder input up to 20 MHz
  • Programmable trigger pulse width: 0.1 us to 3.2765 ms
  • Input/Output circuit source can be selectable: TTL/Open
  • Internal high-speed FIFO for four 32-bit comparators as data
  • Each channel can store 1024 points (32-bit)


PCI-8124-C is a 4-CH trigger board that is suitable for advanced line scan applications which need high line rates. PCI-8124-C has internal FIFO to realize the high-speed position compare and trigger pulse output. For this application, Tech Square proposes you can use PCI-8134 and PCI-8124-C together to gain the advantage of motion control and high-speed trigger function. For position comparison, PCI-8124-C provides two methods: linear function or variable interval. PCI-8124-C also provides a variety of mapping functions between comparator and trigger output. The comparator condition can be associated with latch signal, TTL input, and EA/EB signal.

Ordering Information

  • PCI-8124-C -:
    Advanced 4-CH encoder card with the high-speed triggering function
    Accessory –
  • DIN-50S-01 -: Terminal Board with one 50-pin SCSI-II connector and DIN-rail mounting
  • ACL-10250-1  -:50-pin SCSI-II cable (mating with AMP-787082-5), 1 M
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